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Alright we are members of the forum The Mabus Scarab. I've been meaning to become more involved on other ufo type forums and others but what better time than now? Here's the deal [sign in to see URL] forum has been nominated for forum of the year over at runboard. Right now we are up against alot of good forums. The one winning right now is the Chips Forum. Yes Chips the show with the cops in tights. Blah. I am asking for all of you guys to stop by my forum post one message to become a member. Then click the second link below post one message and cast your vote for number 5. Which is the Mabus Scarab. Mostly because I do not wanna see Chips win and I would really like to win and im trying to pull off a miracle which maybe possible with your help. If we can get a board to win into ufos and the spiritual and paranormal that would be good for all of us I think. As well as for the subject at hand which you can learn more about at my forums and I hope to learn more about my experiences at your forum. Thank you. VLT I would really appreciette this and your welcome to come promote your forum at my place anytime and call on me for a favor anytime.

Now go here post one message in my forum.

[sign in to see URL]

Now go here post one message at this topic then vote for number 5.

[sign in to see URL]


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