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Stargate SG-1 Board Rules: Please read before posting

Board Rules

I know it is a drag, but they have to be addressed. Please read before posting.

1. Topics that are located in the inappropriate forum will either be closed or moved to the appropriate forum. If you have a question about where a thread should go, PM an administrator or moderator.

2. DiStOrTeD TeXt and text used in all CAPS should not be used. Please also refrain from using "kewl talk" and "foul language". This is anything considered offensive, obscene, or profane. If you have a question about if something is considered foul language, don't post it. All posts containing foul language will be deleted.

3. Please be respectful of all members of the posting community. Abuse will not be tolerated by the SG-1 Team.

4. If there is a thread that has spoilers in them, please insert SPOILERS in the thread title somewhere. Also, please do not include spoilers in thread titles, even in the Spoiler forum, as people will still see them. Anything prior to Season 7 is not considered spoiler territory.

5. Please check to see that a thread on your topic has not already been posted before you post. Multiple topics will be closed or merged.

6. Create topics with clear topic titles indicative of the content within. If your topic is not clear enough as to content, you will be asked by a mod to change it. When posting, please keep to the topic of the thread as much as possible.

7. Signatures should be no more than 150 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width, and should include no more than 8 lines of text. Sound wavs, offensive language, and any quotes or pictures that would be 'spoilers' are not allowed. If your signature is too large, you will be PMed to reduce it. After the second PM, your signature will be reduced by site staff.

9. When posting any news articles, include a link to the site that it was taken from. Copying portions of text from other websites is in fact infringing copyright laws and could result in this site being closed down.

10. Board "families" are not allowed. Any creation of groups or clubs on this site MUST be cleared first with the SG-1 Team Leaders.

11. Spamming will not be tolerated, and will be deleted. Spamming includes any post that is made solely to increase your post count � such as only posting smilies, one or two word posts, or posting a reply when one is not required. Needlessly posting in the same thread twice in a row is also considered spam. Double posts will be merged.

12. Members may not post links to other Stargate: SG-1 message boards unless they have a clearly visible link to our messageboard on their main page. The site staff reserves the right to ask that any link be removed.

13. Threads celebrating number of posts reached are allowed at every 500 posts. ie, 500, 1000, 1500 etc.

14. RPG's are not permitted on the boards except those devised by the SG-1 Team Leaders.

15. Excessive posting of pictures as attachments is considered spamming, and also uses up server space and bandwith. If you are going to be attaching multiple pictures, please upload them elsewhere first. If you have a question about this, PM one of the Admins or Mods. They may be able to create an upload for you.

16. Boards avatars will be no larger than 85 x 85 pixels. All pictures used as avatars must be cleared with an administrator or moderator before being posted. If your avatar exceeds these dimensions or has not been approved, it will be resized or deleted accordingly. You can find a board-approved collection of avatars here: [sign in to see URL]

17. Do not ask to be made a moderator. Moderators will be chosen based on board activity, quality of posts, and all-around attitude on the boards.

18. All questions about board logistics, topics, technical problems, etc. should be directed to the "What??" Forum.

And of course, most importantly, enjoy yourself! emoticon

Last edited by Samantha Carter, 6/20/2003, 1:13 pm
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