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Well I think I'v finally found a good message board, after registering with Yahoo just to look at the message boards and finding out they're rubbish. Anyone know how to delete a Yahoo account?

Anyway, I'm new here, lol. I cannot express how great I think Stargate SG-1 is. I've only been watching since about season 4, thanks to my gran who also likes the show, but in her old age shes finding it difficult to understand the more recent episodes. I've been catching up on earlier seasons because they're shown at about 3am on channel 4. I also like Enterprise over all the other Star Trecks, and I did watch that Farscape for a while but that just went weird.
I'm trying to collect all the Stargate dvds, and after getting all of season 7 and entering the exclusive area of the the Stargate website to enter a competition I find that the winners have to be 18, and I'm only 16. Bummer!
I look forward to leaving loadsa messages on here, and chatting to you all, because up till now I've had to bore all my non-fan friends with my Stargate babble and their only reply is 'I care!'.

Hope you don't think I'm too sad,
Luv Hannah xxx
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