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Sam and Daniel?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, and I may be reaching, but it seems that Sam and Daniel keep getting thrown together this season. In the last episode, Sam and Daniel stayed in the same house, but don't they usualy put her in situations with [sign in to see URL] know to keep that whole "will they ever end up together" thing going. Plus, in the season premeir when Daniel didn't have his memory he asked Sam if anything had been together. I also heard somewhere that Sam would be getting a boyfriend (or something like that, I mean when has she ever had a real boyfriend on the show) that isn't Jack. Not to mention that if anything happened between Sam and Daniel there aren't any rules agianst that since he's a civilian, right? I don't [sign in to see URL] thoughts?

Oh! And I hope I put this in the right [sign in to see URL] for the trouble if I didn't. emoticon

Daniel: Tastes like chicken.
Sam Carter: So what's wrong with it?
Daniel: It's macaroni and cheese.
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Re: Sam and Daniel?

Hmm... very interesting stuff! I'm thinking that Daniel and Sam are just good friends... for right now. Remember in Fire and Water how shook up Sam got when she thought Daniel had died? And how long it took for her to get over him "dying" again when he ascended? For some reason the two of them apparently hit it off very well from the beginning, it seems, and Sam has considered Daniel a very good friend ever since. That doesn't mean that this friendship won't turn into something more later on... Although, I dunno, to me the two of them together just seems kinda strange, but I still wouldn't be surprised if it happened.


"..We don't have any of those ... in Toronto."
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