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Episode Summaries for Season One


Episode 1 - Children of the Gods
Original Air Date: July 27, 1997
General Hammond summons Colonel Jack O'Neill out of retirement when aliens emerge from the Stargate, kill the soldiers guarding it, and kidnap a female guard. In the aftermath of the attack, O'Neill confesses that he defied the order to destroy Abydos, and that Daniel Jackson is still alive.

Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Original Air Date: August 1, 1997
Kawalsky, O'Neill's right-hand man, has been having terrible headaches caused by an alien Goa'uld larva that has attached itself to his brain. With guidance from Teal'c, the doctors operate to remove the alien, hoping to get it in time before Kawalsky falls completely under alien control.

Episode 3 - Emancipation
Original Air Date: August 8, 1997
On the planet Simarka, the SG-1 team meets the Shavadai, a race of people similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth, who operate by a strict code, which includes second-class status for women. Captain Carter is threatened with death on her first encounter with the Shavadai chief.

Episode 4 - The Broca Divide
Original Air Date: August 15, 1997
SG-1 travels to P3X-797 and discovers a world divided between a dark and light side, with a population similarly split between the Untouched (a Bronze Age people who seem almost like the Minoan civilization of Earth) and the Touched (heavy-browed primitives with limited skills).

Episode 5 - The First Commandment
Original Air Date: August 22, 1997
The SG-1 team is sent through the Stargate after SG-9 is declared missing in action. They discover SG-9 leader Captain Jonas Hanson posing as a god, forcing the inhabitants of the planet to rebuild the giant Goa'uld temples and condemning disbelievers to death by radiation exposure.

Episode 6 - Cold Lazarus
Original Air Date: August 29, 1997
The SG-1 team discovers a valley full of broken crystals. While alone, O'Neill finds an undamaged crystal with RED light emanating from it. Upon touching it, he is struck down and a duplicate O'Neill appears. The double returns home through the Stargate with the unsuspecting team.

Episode 7 - The Nox
Original Air Date: September 12, 1997
Under government pressure to discover superior technologies, O'Neill and the team head to a planet Teal'c remembers, which has creatures called Fenri that possess the power of invisibility. They arrive to discover a Goa'uld hunting party, led by Apophis, is already there tracking the Fenri.

Episode 8 - Brief Candle
Original Air Date: September 19, 1997
The team travels to Argos, where they find a civilization of beautiful, happy people who celebrate while the sun shines and mysteriously drop to sleep the minute that it sets. More mysteriously, they seem to age very rapidly -- a lifetime is 100 days -- an effect that O'Neill unwittingly inherits.

Episode 9 - Thor's Hammer
Original Air Date: September 26, 1997
In search of allies in their battle against the Goa'uld, the SG-1 team travels to Cimmeria, home to the legendary Norse gods. But, Cimmeria has long ago been declared off-limits to Goa'ulds and when the team emerges from the Stargate, Teal'c is trapped in a mysterious beam of light.

Episode 10 - The Torment of Tantalus
Original Air Date: October 3, 1997
Dr. Jackson makes a remarkable discovery while viewing film footage of Stargate experiments done in 1945. It seems that the early team, led by Professor Langford, succeeded in getting the Stargate to work, and that one of them actually traveled through the gate, never to return.

Episode 11 - Bloodlines
Original Air Date: October 10, 1997
The team finds out that Teal'c has a son Rya'c, who has reached the age at which he will receive his Goa'uld larva. Teal'c is determined to stop the process that would make his boy a servant for life. With a promise to return with a Goa'uld larva for study, the team heads through the Stargate.

Episode 12 - Fire and Water
Original Air Date: October 17, 1997
The SG-1 team returns from the planet Oannes in a panic -- and without Daniel Jackson, who was last seen being consumed by a column of flames. But, as his comrades mourn his death on Earth, Daniel is actually a captive of an amphibious humanoid creature known as Nem.

Episode 13 - Hathor
Original Air Date: October 24, 1997
When archaeologists exploring a Mayan pyramid in Mexico find a sarcophagus covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics, they accidentally release Hathor, a Goa'uld who has taken on the persona of a powerful Egyptian goddess, awoken from a sleep that has lasted over a millennium.

Episode 14 - Singularity
Original Air Date: October 31, 1997
The team travels to planet P8X-987, where they discover that a strange disease has wiped out everyone on the planet. Everyone that is, except a little girl named Cassandra. As O'Neill and Teal'c remain on the planet to observe the black hole, Carter and Daniel return to Earth with the girl.

Episode 15 - Cor-ai
Original Air Date: January 23, 1998
When SG-1 travels to P3X-1279, Teal'c recognizes it as Cartago, home to the Byrsa and one of the Goa'ulds' favorite places to harvest humans. Teal'c had come here when he was head Jaffa to Apophis. He is remembered by one of the Byrsa, who accuses Teal'c of killing his father.

Episode 16 - Enigma
Original Air Date: January 30, 1998
The SG-1 team arrives on the planet Tollan to find a scene of chaos and death. A volcano is erupting, spewing choking ash and burning lava, and bodies litter the ground around the Stargate. They few rescue a few survivors and return through the gate to Earth.

Episode 17 - Solitudes
Original Air Date: February 6, 1998
The Stargate malfunctions, and as a result, Teal'c and Daniel make it back to the SGC, but Jack and Sam find themselves trapped near a Stargate in an icy crevasse on an unknown planet. O'Neill is badly hurt, and Carter must try to dig the nearby gate device out of the ice and make it work.

Episode 18 - Tin Man
Original Air Date: February 13, 1998
O'Neill and the SG-1 team arrive on P3X-989, only to be zapped by an electrical trap that renders them unconscious. When they awake, they find themselves in an underground lab with Harlan, a strange but apparently peaceful native of P3X-989 who claims to be 11,000 years old.

Episode 19 - There But For The Grace Of God
Original Air Date: February 20, 1998
While exploring an alien complex on P3R-233, a world that appears to have been destroyed by the Goa'uld, Daniel Jackson discovers a slab that, when activated, turns into a shimmering mirror. He touches the mirror and gets a mild jolt but thinks nothing of it until he finds himself in an alternate reality.

Episode 20 - Politics
Original Air Date: February 27, 1998
Having escaped marauding Goa'ulds in another Earth reality (in There But For the Grace of God), Daniel Jackson warns that it is only a matter of time before they launch an attack. But, the Stargate program faces a more immediate threat from the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee.

Episode 21 - Within The Serpent's Grasp
Original Air Date: March 6, 1998
The Stargate is being shut down by the U.S. government, despite Daniel's warning of an imminent Goa'uld attack on Earth. The SG-1 team, armed to the teeth, defies orders to make an unauthorized trip through the Stargate to what they believe to be the origin of the attack. (Part 1 of 2).


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