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SG1 can do it but not the Goa'uld?

This makes no sense to me but here i go, Remember in the episode where Apothues goes to attack earth in two motherships and the SG1 team are aboard the ships, how is it that when a jaffa fires his weapon at the window and the SG1 team discuss what they saw being a focefield, Teal'c says something along the lines of "Glass could not with stand the jump to hyperspace so forcefields are used", um so why does the promethues have glass windows and can make the jump to hyperspace? this makes no sense, do the scientists of earth know something that the Goa'uld dont? i think thats unlikely. I dont mean to over analyse the film but i thought it would just mention this to someone because its been bugging the hell out of me for a while. So what do you lot think?
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